Catestatin controls immune cell travelling in inflammation

New summary available (January 28th 2022). Read it here.

The Hormone Chromogranin A Balances Gut Wall Function

New cartoon and summary available (October 7th 2021)

A CRISPR study: What makes a cell coronavirus-resistant?

New cartoon and summary available (July 14th 2021)

The combined effects of climate change and pollutants.

New summary available (June 10th 2021). Read it here.

New editors join the team (Feb 23rd 2021)

Meet our new editors Marcel Tarbier and Kamila Klamecka! Kamila and Marcel will help expand our expertise in  single-cell biology, biophysics, single-molecule techniques, quantitative and molecular biology. If you are interested in submitting a layman summary to one of our new editors, please go to the submission page. For more info on all of our editors, please go to the about section. If you are interested in becoming an editor yourself, please contact us at: thefairjournal AT gmail DOT com.

Marcel Tarbier
Kamila Klamecka

Looking for editors (Feb 1st 2021)

We are currently looking for editors to help reviewing layman summaries, write original cartoon scripts, and edit cartoon storyboards and animations. If you are interested, please contact us at: thefairjournal AT gmail DOT com. It is required that you work at a university as a researcher. For information on editor salaries, please refer to the following document:

Updated author instructions (Jan 31st 2021)

We have updated the author instructions. Please find the updated version here:

It is no longer possible to fast track cartoon production by paying a user fee. All layman summaries used for cartoon production are chosen by the Fair Journal’s editors.

Coronavirus stability in air and on surfaces. New cartoon available (May 13th 2020)

If YouTube is not available in your country, please click here.

What Does the Mouse Say? New cartoon available (April 24th 2020)

If YouTube is not available in your country, please click here.

Interview about the backstory of the Fair Journal (February 25th 2020)

Meet Sid and Owen! New cartoon and summary available (February 4th 2020).

Learn what an organic solar cell is, and what scientists have done to improve their efficiency here:

If YouTube is not available in your country, please click here.

the Fair Journal App is now available (January 6th 2020)

From January 2020 the Fair Journal App is available in the Apple App store and the Google Play store:

PDF versions of layman summaries now available (November 4th 2019)

We just created pdf versions of all previously published layman summaries. To download it, go to the article you are interested in and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Presenting at Moving Across – Where Art Meets Science (October 29th 2019)

If you are in the Stockholm area on November 24th 2019, please join us for an exciting evening of science and art. You can sign up for the event here (it’s free!).

Re-structuring of the Fair Journal (October 20th 2019)

Thank you so much for all the support you have given us during our Kickstarter campaign! The campaign is over, and we sadly did not reach our goal. But that does not mean that the fight is over!

We have learned a great deal during the campaign, and one of the first things we will do now is to re-structure the journal a bit. We are going to remove the option to submit a full research manuscript, and instead increase the payout percentage from 25% to 55% when scientists submit a layman summary. We hope that this will attract scientists to start submitting their summaries, which would help the journal to grow. It is still the plan to accept full research manuscripts at some point, but with the unsuccessful Kickstarter we do not have the capacity to handle such submissions at the moment.

Without the additional funding we were hoping to receive from the Kickstarter, the cartoon production rate will also be much slower than what we had hoped for. But we are still aiming at publishing a new one each month. The first one will be an updated introduction to the new concept of the Fair Journal, which we will start working on now. We will also start sending out newsletters e.g. when there are new cartoons published, or when there are changes happening to the Fair Journal. So please sign up for the newsletter here:

If you still wish to support the cause, please have a look at our brand new Patreon page: If you decide to become a patron, you will get unique insight into the process that goes into making the cartoons. Patrons will be able to access cartoon scripts, storyboards, and unedited animations as soon as the first versions are made. Therefore, you will find out what all the next stories are about and how they will look like before anyone else. If you sign up within the next 2 weeks you will even receive a Fair Journal pin send to your address completely free.

Failing is of course always sad, but we will learn from our mistakes and eventually become stronger!

Crowdfunding campaign (September 1st 2019)

We would like to start making many more cartoons, and we need your help! On September 1st 2019 we launched our first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. So come and show us your support here.

If you decide to support us on Kickstarter we have designed a selection of T-shirts and pins that we will send to you as a thank you. We also made it possible for you to choose by yourself which scientific article you would like to see featured on the Fair Journal. At the moment our production costs for one cartoon is around 300$. Taking T-shirt/pin production costs into account it would approximately mean:

  • 10X T-shirts = 1 cartoon
  • 30X pins = 1 cartoon 
  • And of course: 1X article = 1 cartoon

You can support us for as little as 5 SEK (= 0.5$), but if you cannot afford this, it would still help us out a lot if you shared our campaign with your friends and family on social media and in real life!

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