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The Fair Journal is run by active scientists passionate about spreading recent scientific findings in an understandable and truthful manner to kids and non-scholarly educated adults. Our specialty is making cartoons explaining the essence of research articles to kids, with a focus on storytelling and making it fun.

Additionally, we publish a written summary that has more details and explanations and is written in a language that non-scholarly educated people can understand. We also pay scientists what is fair, and offer 55% of the commercial revenue to the scientists when they submit a layman summary of their article.

The Fair Journal is multidisciplinary, and we accept layman summaries in all fields of science including engineering, social sciences, and health sciences. For more details, please go to the about section.

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New cartoon available 13th May 2020:

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These are the topics we are currently focusing on at the Fair Journal. To get more information, first click the main topic below, followed by the subtopic on the next page. On the subtopic page you can read what that specific field is all about, and find the articles published do far within that field.

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